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Welcome to Perma Treat Portland. We bring new life back and protect your granite kitchen countertop, bathroom shower, tile floors and outdoor patio.

Our services include: Granite Sealing, Tile Sealing, Tile Regrouting, Grout Recoloring, Outdoor Patios and Walkway Sealing and more.

We guarantee our work on indoor surfaces for a lifetime and outdoor surfaces are guaranteed for 15 years.

On a plane ride to Phoenix he met a man who represented a sealing company having great results with commercial stone sealer in Europe.  Their scientists had invented a permanent sealer.  Rather than just a topcoat, this sealer worked on a molecular level to penetrate the stone surface.

Jim contacted the company and tested the new sealer.  It was astonishing.  “I found the way to keep my customers satisfied”.

After working with scientists here in America Jim developed a third generation stone sealing product.  That product is called Perma Treat.

“We saw a problem facing every homeowner in America and started Perma Treat to solve it”

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