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Granite Countertop Sealing

You’ve invested thousands into your granite countertops. But they now seem dull, smear easily, with fingerprints everywhere. Why is that?

Because while granite may seem hard and smooth to the naked eye, on the microscopic level it contains tiny peaks and valleys where bacteria and dirt live.

The result is a dullness you can see and feel. When you clean your granite countertop you only clean the surface. But the dirt and bacteria remain below the surface which causes those smears and looks like you can’t keep it clean.

Perma Treat’s 4 step granite cleaning and sealing process will solve your problem.

Step #1: Free evaluation and estimate

animation still of particles falling onto patio surface

What is the condition of your granite countertop?  What will it take to return the beauty and make it easier to clean? What will it cost?  Call Perma Treat Portland and set up a free evaluation and estimate. We’ll come over and provide you a complete evaluation and price.

Step #2: Granite Cleaning

animation still of steam cleaning patio

The most important step before sealing granite is to make sure it’s completely clean. To begin cleaning granite, our technicians apply Extreme Clean, our commercial grade cleaning solution and let it soak down into the Granite countertop. This is no ordinary cleaner. It was developed for 5 star hotels and hospitals by our chemists here in the US.  Cleaning continues with our industrial steam cleaning machine, the Vapor 6000.  Operating at 280 degrees we safely but effectively deep clean, disinfect and sterilize the surface to hospital standards.

Step #3: Apply Perma Treat Granite Sealer

With the cleaning process complete we apply the Perma Treat Sealer to protect your granite. This is no ordinary sealer. We use our own proprietary sealer designed by our chemists here in the US. Using nano technology the sealer goes below the surface to bond with the granite countertop. It’s like putting an invisible layer of Gor-tex below the surface.

Step #4: Granite Seal Guarantee

We guarantee your job.

Your granite countertops will be brought back to beautiful and stay that way. If the seal ever fails we will come back and seal it for free.  So give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate. We will bring your granite back to life.

For a free evaluation and estimate call Perma Treat Portland 503-263-1313

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