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Grout Recoloring

Don’t like the way your tile floor or tiled shower looks?  Sometimes all that’s needed to spruce up your tile is a new color for your grout. Sometimes known as “grout stain,” or “grout colorants,” grout recoloring is an easy and inexpensive way to transform the look and appeal of tile floors, backsplashes and countertops.

What Grout Color Should I Choose?

We offer more than 100 grout colors.  Upon our initial visit, we’ll bring you color samples that you can match to your tile for the perfect color.

Step 1: Grout Cleaning

animation still of steam cleaning patio

After you’ve chosen the grout color you’d like to use, we’ll first clean and prep the surface with a solution that etches the grout, allowing it to accept the new colorant.

Step 2: Applying Grout Color Stain

We then evenly apply the grout color stain to the grout lines in sections, making sure to completely coat the existing grout and removing extra stain from tile surfaces.

Step 3: Applying Perma Treat Sealer

animation still of particles falling onto patio surface

Once the stain has dried (typically 24 hours,) we will come back and seal the grout with our exclusive Perma Treat Sealer, which locks moisture out and allow your grout to retain its original color for the life of the grout. The sealer typically takes 24 hours to completely dry. After that time you can fully expose it to water.

Not all Tile Grout can be Recolored

Typically, your tile’s grout will be either of the sanded or unsanded variety. However, occasionally you’ll find stone tiles where the grout lines are not grout at all, but actually silicone or other material that cannot be recolored.

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