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Tile Regrouting and Grout Repair

Did you know that taking one ten-minute shower each day is equal to over 1,000 inches of rain falling in your shower? This means that every time you use your shower, small holes or cracks in your tile grout might be allowing water to find its way behind the tile and make contact with the wall. If left unchecked, the wall can become deteriorated to the point where the shower needs to be rebuilt from scratch.

That’s where Perma Treat Portland comes in.  Our technicians are the experts in regrouting tile countertops and showers.   And regrouting allows you to change the grout color.  Regrouting tile can oftentimes make it appear as though you’ve replaced all your tile.

Step #1: Free evaluation and estimate

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What is the condition of your tile grout? What will it take to return the beauty and make it easier to clean? We’ll first examine the surface to determine the cause of the damage (i.e. cracking) Cracking could be caused by poor or improper installation or by structure movement. What will it cost?  Call Perma Treat Portland and set up a free evaluation and estimate. We’ll come over and provide you a complete evaluation and price.

Step #2: Regrouting

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Once it’s been decided that regrouting is the best option, we’ll begin by having our expert crew remove the existing grout. Enough of the existing tile edge must be available for the new grout to bond properly to it.  We’ll then regrout tile areas with your choice of colored grout. With the new grout applied we begin cleaning the tile, our technicians apply Extreme Clean, our commercial grade cleaning solution and let it soak down into tile. This is no ordinary cleaner, it was developed for 5 star hotels and hospitals by our chemists here in the US.  Cleaning continues with our industrial steam cleaning machine, the Vapor 6000.  Operating at 280 degrees we safely but effectively deep clean, disinfect and sterilize the surface to hospital standards.

Step #3: Apply Perma Treat Tile Sealer

With the cleaning process complete we apply the Perma Treat Sealer to protect your tile and grout. This is no ordinary sealer. We use our own proprietary sealer designed by our chemists here in the US. Using nano technology the sealer goes below the surface to bond with the tile and grout. It’s like putting an invisible layer of Gor-Tex below the surface making it easier for you to keep your tile countertop, floor or shower clean.  Our sealer will also make your tile and grout resistant to mold and mildew.  You still have to clean but that becomes so much easier than before.

Step #4: Grout Repair

If you’ve got a small area of tile where the grout has crumbled or broken, it could be repaired by itself, but the likelihood of matching the existing grout is low. Instead, we suggest having the entire surface regrouted. This will ensure that you have a consistent look. Again, regrouting by itself can do wonders for the look of existing tile. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

We Guarantee Your Job.

Your tile and grout will be brought back to beautiful and stay that way. If the seal ever fails we will come back and seal it for free.  So give us a call for a free evaluation and estimate. We will bring your countertop, floor or tile shower back to life.

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